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C&H or cruise and luxury hotel in a single holiday.

Discover our proposal, let yourself be attracted by the innovative solution that combines uniqueness

of a luxury yacht at your complete disposal with the hospitality and services of an exclusive hotel.



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The luxury, the emotion of the colors and exclusivity of the island of Cavallo.


Cavallo is a private island located north of Lavezzi, in the Bocche di Bonifacio, between Sardinia and Corsica, in French waters.

The beauty of the place is preserved and enhanced by a management based on environmental sustainability.

Exclusive and breathtaking destination, with its 8 km of coastline with beaches of very fine sand mixed with pink corals, and a crystalline uncontaminated sea to be enjoyed in absolute exclusivity.

The luxury of living on an enchanted island, surrounded by infinite shades of blue that lay on the horizon.

The restaurant, a perfect combination of French cuisine and Italian tradition, satisfies the needs of every palate.

The Bar, to refresh your days on the Island of Cavallo with memorable drinks.

The SPA, an unforgettable experience in the pleasure of relaxation.