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Gianetti 48 ht Motor Yacht “Andaly”

With Lux Yacht Charter Portofino, you will experience the very best of the Ligurian Sea and surrounding areas. Discover the Protected Marine Area of Portofino, 5 Terre, Portovenere, and Palmaria in relaxation and comfort whilst sampling the local specialties as prepared by our Captain and his wife. We use only the freshest and best Ligurian produce with a focus on organic, zero-kilometre products. We offer day cruises or weekly itineraries highlighting what we consider to be the best coasts and islands in the Mediterranean. Enjoy our day cruises with friends or family, or take your time and experience our longer, weekly cruises that allow you to explore the Tirrenian sea.

The Boat at a glance:

Motor Yacht “Andaly” Gianetti 48 ht 14.80m in length and 4.10m in width with 3 Cabins, 3 Bathrooms, and the capacity for 14 passengers and crew. Bluetooth capabilities speakers, wifi, kitchen facilities, and air conditioning both inside and on deck.

Itineraries and Services

We have selected the best itineraries of the Ligurian Riviera, where you can discover some of the most evocative destinations in Italy and the Tyrrhenian Sea. Immerse yourself in the breathtaking landscapes and crystal clear waters of Portofino, Palmaria isand , and 5 Terre. Who we are With his beginnings as a Hub, Andrea has worked his way up to Commander and now brings thirty years of navigational experience to his current role as Andaly Commander, along with a detailed knowledge of the Italian seas and the Mediterranean. Thirty years of navigation experience, starting as a hub and up to the command of important pleasure craft, give Andrea a detailed knowledge of the seas of Italy and much of the rest of the Mediterranean.

Our MotorYacht ‘Andaly’ is a fine example of the best of Italian shipbuilding. Custom designed to offer guests high standards of comfort and relaxation whilst providing the latest in safety features. Captain Andrea also recognises the importance of minimising the impact on the local environment and so Andaly is a plastic-free yacht, equipped with an automatic total sanitation system. Inside, the galley kitchen is equipped with everything you will need to create the delicacies of the Ligurian region. And when the evening comes to an end, we offer three comfortable, air-conditioned cabins, including one Double, one Twin and one Triple. Each cabin comes with an ensuite, including a shower. Outside, the two large sundecks (one at the bow and one at the stern) can comfortably accommodate all guests whilst offering a prime position to appreciate the beauty of the surrounding area. The large dinette can seat up to eight people and is equipped with air conditioning, a minibar, and a purified freshwater dispenser offering both sparkling and natural water.


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